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Welcome to Paragliding Mantra
- The world of freedom and flying

Strategically located about 45 kms form Pune and 100 kms from Mumbai, Cradled in the paradise of paragliding, Kamshet, Paragliding Mantra offers tandem joy rides..

Paragliding Mantra offers tandem joy rides.

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  • Association of Paragliding Pilots & Instructors (APPI) Certified School No 42
  • Teaching paragliding since the last 15 years
  • 100% safety record in training
  • APPI certified pilots and instructors with flying experience of 6000+ hours
  • Over 5000 students trained
  • Following BHPA & APPI Training Standards
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Tower Hill

Elevation 750ft AGL

At a height of 750 feet, Tower Hill is suitable for all levels, be it novices or experienced pilots. You can fly from the east and west face of the hill.

T The site has great potential and offers a good learning ground for every pilot.

The site is used from October to February.


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